Frequently asked questions

We are realbuzz, connecting charities to runners and the events they want to be part of for over 20 years. Our mission is to make charity running more accessible for all. To make the miles mean more.

No, the ‘run with realbuzz’ programme means realbuzz partners with charities in a way where there are no upfront cost commitments. A charity only pays for an event entry for a runner once they have reached the minimum fundraising target, ensuring the charity never loses out. The full amount raised goes to the charity, barring any platform fees associated with the fundraising platform used, and is separate from the entry package fee. 

Realbuzz secures exclusive places for charity runners in our partner events which can be reserved by runners like you. For all events you can run for one of our Partner Charities for free (the charity covers your entry fee) and in many of our events you can also run for a cause or charity of your choice, even if they don’t currently partner with us – this is called an ‘Own Cause Place’. In this instance you just have to cover your own entry package fee and you won’t be eligible for the realbuzz finisher pack as this is exclusive to our charity partners. 

Your place is guaranteed as soon as you reach the minimum fundraising target within 60 days of the event taking place, which is 50% of the total fundraising target shown on the event information page, and your deposit is refundable once you reach the full fundraising target (100%).

Once you’ve reached the minimum fundraising threshold, which is 50% of the full fundraising target (as we know some of your fundraising will happen as a result of you completing the event), you will automatically be issued a code which you can apply on the official website of your chosen event to finalise your entry. The code ensures your entry checkout on the official website is free of charge; please note that some add ons offered by your event may be charged but are not mandatory. These add ons and prices are not defined by realbuzz and are owned by your chosen event.

Your place is only guaranteed if you reach the minimum fundraising target for the event (50% of the total fundraising target shown). At the point of hitting this fundraising milestone, you’ll be issued with an entry code which you can use to complete registration on your chosen event’s official website. If you don’t achieve the minimum fundraising target at least 60 days before the event day, you will not receive your code to complete entry. When you achieve the full recommended fundraising target, your holding deposit is deemed refundable – this deposit is refunded seven days after your event takes place. Realbuzz will support you all the way with fundraising ideas and advice to help you to hit your goals and secure your entry.

If you choose to run for your own charity or cause, you’ll need to cover your own entry fee for the event and charity places cost more than general entry places as they are in shorter supply and specifically ringfenced for charities. Likewise, your place is guaranteed even when your chosen event is sold-out. If you choose to run for a run with realbuzz Partner Charity, these charities are officially partnered with us and therefore have already agreed to cover your entry fees to guarantee you a place in your chosen event, in return for you reaching the minimum fundraising target. These charities aren’t charged any up front fees.

You can choose to enter whichever events you wish and you can choose to fundraise for different charities per event. You should allow yourself ample time to train and fundraise when considering the logistics of entering multiple events. If you are fundraising for different charities, you will require a separate fundraising page per event. 

In the case of being unable to run your event, your deposit is not refundable. If you are an ‘Own Cause Place’ runner your entry package fee is not refundable as standard but requests for refunds will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis. In both cases, your place can be deferred to a different, equivalent event (same distance) if there is a suitable one for your circumstances or deferred the same event for the following year, subject to availability. If you are not able to run due to medical circumstances, you may be asked to provide evidence from your doctor or practitioner. To discuss your options, contact our team at You can also find our full refund policy here. 

You can see our full refund policy here. Your holding deposit is refundable as standard if you reach the full fundraising target, which can be found on the event information page. This will be refunded fourteen days after your chosen event takes place. 

Our partner events are events we work with directly to secure places for runners to run in support of our partner charities and, in many cases, their own charities. Affiliated events are events that we collaborate with indirectly to offer our runners places but in this case we do not work with the event directly and therefore do not own the entries available. This also means that the application process may differ to the typical ‘run with realbuzz’ process and you will have different charity options to choose from. Affiliated events application processes are fully vetted by us before being listed on the site but all queries relating to your application would be directed to the affiliated event partner in question. 

We advise you to allow the charity you have applied for a window of time to review your application and get in touch to let you know whether you’ve made it onto their team, before you apply to run with realbuzz. Charities will vet your application within 3 – 4 weeks of its submission. Your holding deposit is only refundable for a period of 28 days after purchase and thereafter is only refundable as per our refund policy, once you reach the full recommended fundraising target, as started on the event information page. Please see our refund policy here. 

When you reserve a place in any of the run with realbuzz events, a free account is generated for you. You’ll receive an email immediately after you sign up asking you to verify your email which finalises account set up. You log in using the email you registered with.

As you complete your fundraising on a separate platform but we ask that you share your fundraising URL with  us, the dashboard is only updated every seven days to reflect your total fundraising amount. That means that before this refresh, your fundraising page may show a higher amount than your dashboard but this will be resynced. 

You can run any of our events as a team, subject to availability of places. Each runner simply reserves a place individually then you can set up your fundraiser with a joint fundraising target. In this case it doesn’t matter how much each individual raises as long as the total amount fundraised is equivalent to each member of your team reaching the minimum fundraising target, in order for us to release each runner’s unique entry code. Once the total amount raised is equal to each runner in the team reaching the full recommended fundraising target, each runner’s deposit is deemed refundable and will be refunded fourteen days after the chosen event takes place, as per our refund policy. If you are running as a team, please let us know the names of those running in your team

Yes, you can combine a selection of our events to create a multi-event challenge – to get started, email to let us know which events you’d like to complete and we will send you a link to reserve your places as part of a custom package.